Power Bank MP3 Voice Recorder (1447)

Power bank unik  multifungsi selain untuk charge  handphone   bisa merekam suara dalam format mp3. Kapasitas  power bank 4000mAH   bisa merekam suara  sampai dengan 120 Jam. Sangat  berfungsi dibawa saat rapat, kuliah atau seminar. Dapatkan gadget unik ini segera

Specifications :

1, Audio format: MP3,
2, Audio: 64kbps, 44.1KHz
3, Voice Trigger function
4, Support 1-32GB TF card, 4GB can recorder 64hours ,8GB for 128hours recording .
5, 4000mah can recorder 120hours
6, Power bank output 5V 1A
7, Size: 88*45*21mm, 150g
8, LED time : 260H
9, Recorder Time :120H 
10, Long time to record ,Hidden sound evidence
11, Support hidden record of charge their phone at the same time simple to use ,Easy to carry ,Giving a good .
12, A key to start ,Supper long recording ,Time and Date memory


Paket Pembelian

  • Power Bank Voice Recorder (belum termasuk memori)



Operating instructions

1. Switch on/off: long press the power button for 3 seconds, the product will be turned off after the red light flashing 5 times.


When the product is turned on, it is set to directly enter into the recording state. Long press the power button for three seconds and after the red light flashing 10 times, the product's recording function is turned off;


2. Mobile power supply function: The product supports any connection cable of mobile phone. Please insert the product's USB interface to charge;


3. Battery Status: short press the "power key" under any state, when the blue light is bright, you can check the battery status;


4. Low power: When the product isrecording under the low-power status, the product will turn off after the red indicator light flashing 15 times, please charge.

5. Disk space: When the disk space is full, the product will turn off after the red indicator light flashing 20 time.

6.Connecting computers: Connect the product ( in the status of power-off) with computer, later, the computer screen shows information of mobile disk devices.


7. Press 2 times "power key" shortly to open the LED flashlight, press 2 times "power key" shortly to turn off the LED flashlight. The LED flashlight can be used for 500 hours under full-energy status.


8. To charge the product: When using USB connector or USB adapter to charge the product, the red indicator light will be lighting perpetually and blue indicator lights will flash. When the blue indicator light and green indicator light change to be lighting perpetually, the battery is full. Attention: Please set green indicator for trickle charge when the battery is fully charged.


9. Time equipment: This product have a function of display time in a Record document, The Recordings folder is named as the date format of "YYYY-MM-DD", The Recordings file is named as the time format of "hours--minutes--seconds", For example, "2013-11-8 12:00:00", this time record will be made out to a text document which named as "time.txt" and this documents will be saved to the root directory while connecting computer(make sure the TF card being plugged first). Cut off the connecting and restart it, the time of computer system will be reset.


10. Time record will be auto-save at 24: 00 everyday, and then it will recorded at a new Folder automatically, So convenient for users to search.


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